Sunday, October 25, 2009

Has anyone seen Phantom?

Where in the world is Phantom? Where could he be? I can't seem to find Phantom....oh wait, there he is hiding behind some tree branches. Silly Phantom actually plays hide and seek, true story, just check out the picture! After i had another awesome ride on Phantom i decided to take him out to the field to graze. And so i was holding Phantom while he was grazing, looked away for a second, and when i looked back i couldn't find Phantom anywhere. I was all, "where could Phantom have gone?" So i picked up a leaf that was on the ground, but he wasn't under there....then i checked behind the chair, but he wasn't there....that's when i smartly decided to check behind some tree branches, and sure enough, there he was....Phantom was totally playing hide and seek! Seriously, just when i thought Phantom couldn't be any more talented, he goes and plays hide and seek.....i heart it when Phantom plays hide & seek!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Phantom saved me from hypothermia!!!

so just when i thought Phantom couldn't get any cuter....he's gets cuter, like alot cuter! now i heard it was in the 70s today, but i just got home from the barn and i'm pretty sure it was in the least that's what it felt like!!!! so yeah, i was at the barn today, it was super cold and just about to snow, and i was grazing Phantom and i hugged him and i noticed he had his extra soft super warm winter he grew his winter coat overnight cause he knew i would be cold at the barn today and would need some way to stay warm....soooooooo cute right?! if it weren't for Phantom and his super snuggly warm winter coat i would have froze today at the barn....Phantom saved my life!!! thank you Phantom, i heart you!

ps. just a last little note....when i put Phantom away in his stall tonight, i hugged him again cause i love him lots and he was lookin' all cuddly!! hugging Phantom is the bestest!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

why Phantom is soooooooo amazing!

so here's a list of why Phantom is the mostest amazing horse ever!!
*he sings
*he dances
*he helps old ladies cross busy streets
*he rescues kitties that get stuck high up in trees
*he saves people and animals from burning buildings

geez, Phantom's a super horse.....i heart him!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i'm a PHANTOM poet, and i didn't even know it...get it, Phantom poet cause the horse's name is Phantom...good one!

here is an original poem about Phantom

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Phantom's feeties are pink,
as well as just about everything else i have for Phantom.

wow, i just made that poem up about Phantom and even i can't believe how great it turned out!!

blogging about new favorite at home past time!

so even though i haven't really figured out how to use this site....i'm totally addicted to blogging about Phantom!! and i see i already have 1 follower....1 exciting...the I HEART PHANTOM blog is taking off!!!! 1 follower today, 1 million billion followers tomorrow! so where was i....oh yes....Phantom....gee golly i love him, and i love blogging about him! actually, i stink like barn since i was there all day with Phantom, so i think i'll hop in the shower and then blog more about Phantom!! do i use this stupid blog site, must start blogging about THE GREAT PHANTOM asap!!!

okay, so i'm trying to set up this whole blog thingy cause Phantom is the most talented grand prix horse ever and my bestie and therefore deserves his own blog....oh yeah, and also cause this girl at my barn set up a blog for her horse and is totally 'trying me'... so now i have to make a blog for Phantom and have it be alot better than her blog. however, i am having some difficulties trying to navigate this stupid blog site! is it just me or is this site not very retarded person friendly? cause i'm retarded and i don't know how to do anything on this frustrating!! poor lost computer retarded me...*tear,tear*.....just wanna set up this blog for Phantom and have it be a gazillion times better than the other girl's blog. help!!! if this blog site were a boy i'd kick him in his man junk and then run away! i'm getting off the computer and going back out to the barn to hang with Phantom.....cause me loves Phantom!

ps. Phantom rules!

pss. if anyone reads this please become a follower to my blog!!!!! i'm in major competition/war with this other girl and need to have more followers than she does.

psss. Phantom really really really rules!!