Sunday, October 25, 2009

Has anyone seen Phantom?

Where in the world is Phantom? Where could he be? I can't seem to find Phantom....oh wait, there he is hiding behind some tree branches. Silly Phantom actually plays hide and seek, true story, just check out the picture! After i had another awesome ride on Phantom i decided to take him out to the field to graze. And so i was holding Phantom while he was grazing, looked away for a second, and when i looked back i couldn't find Phantom anywhere. I was all, "where could Phantom have gone?" So i picked up a leaf that was on the ground, but he wasn't under there....then i checked behind the chair, but he wasn't there....that's when i smartly decided to check behind some tree branches, and sure enough, there he was....Phantom was totally playing hide and seek! Seriously, just when i thought Phantom couldn't be any more talented, he goes and plays hide and seek.....i heart it when Phantom plays hide & seek!!!!


  1. Good thing he has a pink SmartPlaid fly-mask instead of a camo fly-mask. Otherwise, you might still be looking for him! ;-)

  2. Poor, poor Phantom. No blog updates for three months -- that is one quarter of a year! No wonder I saw him quietly sobbing in his stall!