Tuesday, October 13, 2009

omg...how do i use this stupid blog site, must start blogging about THE GREAT PHANTOM asap!!!

okay, so i'm trying to set up this whole blog thingy cause Phantom is the most talented grand prix horse ever and my bestie and therefore deserves his own blog....oh yeah, and also cause this girl at my barn set up a blog for her horse and is totally 'trying me'... so now i have to make a blog for Phantom and have it be alot better than her blog. however, i am having some difficulties trying to navigate this stupid blog site! is it just me or is this site not very retarded person friendly? cause i'm retarded and i don't know how to do anything on this site....so frustrating!! poor lost computer retarded me...*tear,tear*.....just wanna set up this blog for Phantom and have it be a gazillion times better than the other girl's blog. help!!! if this blog site were a boy i'd kick him in his man junk and then run away! i'm getting off the computer and going back out to the barn to hang with Phantom.....cause me loves Phantom!

ps. Phantom rules!

pss. if anyone reads this please become a follower to my blog!!!!! i'm in major competition/war with this other girl and need to have more followers than she does.

psss. Phantom rules.....like really really really rules!!


  1. Hey! I'm "the chic @ the barn," lol.
    Jennie, Jennie -- Competition? War? No, no, I was raised by hippies and believe in peace, love, and understanding. Salem and I are happy to be your blog-friends.
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    ~Meghann & Salem~

  2. oh hey there "the chic @ the barn"....so you did leave a comment after all, wasn't sure if you were making more stuff up. you were raised by hippies and don't believe in war?.....really? cause if i remember correctly you were the newbie that came to the barn and moved my saddle off my rack....you started the war.....i'm just bringin' it...and what?!!! looks like you just got served!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the hell am i even talking about? i'm glad you and Salem are at the barn!!!

    ps. Phantom and I are happy to be your blog friends!!!!

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