Friday, October 16, 2009

why Phantom is soooooooo amazing!

so here's a list of why Phantom is the mostest amazing horse ever!!
*he sings
*he dances
*he helps old ladies cross busy streets
*he rescues kitties that get stuck high up in trees
*he saves people and animals from burning buildings

geez, Phantom's a super horse.....i heart him!!


  1. *He wins Grand Prixs because he has invisible Pegasus wings
    *He tramples evil people
    *He rocks pink like none other

  2. Pppsssst -- if you want hearts on your blog, it's not hard! You just have to use HTML. OK, I can't write the exact code because it will just show up as a heart, so I'll just put spaces between every element. You write; & hearts ; except you don't put any spaces in. And then it shows up like this ♥ See? Easy!

  3. Gah! It's & hearts ; There is no extra ; at the beginning. That was a mistake.

  4. he does trample evil people.....did i ever tell you about the time he almost ran over Heather???....ahhhhh good memories! Phantom's the bestest!

  5. Wait, he ran over your sister Heather or the Other Heather?

  6. okay, so he didn't run over her....but he tried to run her over....he's so awesome! oh yeah, and it was my sister Heather.