Sunday, October 18, 2009

Phantom saved me from hypothermia!!!

so just when i thought Phantom couldn't get any cuter....he's gets cuter, like alot cuter! now i heard it was in the 70s today, but i just got home from the barn and i'm pretty sure it was in the least that's what it felt like!!!! so yeah, i was at the barn today, it was super cold and just about to snow, and i was grazing Phantom and i hugged him and i noticed he had his extra soft super warm winter he grew his winter coat overnight cause he knew i would be cold at the barn today and would need some way to stay warm....soooooooo cute right?! if it weren't for Phantom and his super snuggly warm winter coat i would have froze today at the barn....Phantom saved my life!!! thank you Phantom, i heart you!

ps. just a last little note....when i put Phantom away in his stall tonight, i hugged him again cause i love him lots and he was lookin' all cuddly!! hugging Phantom is the bestest!!


  1. Thank god you didn't freeze!!! Thank god for Phantom!!!

  2. i know....i would have been a bOObie popsicle all frozen and stuff if it weren't for yes, thank God for Phantom!!!

  3. Lol, you Southerners are such pansies about the "cold!" When I was driving home from the barn @ 9:00, it was 64 -- soooo NOT 20! Hahaha. I guess this is how you feel when I whine about the heat.
    Oh, and Phantom looks soooooo cute in that pic! I ♥ it when ponies lie down.

  4. yes, i'm sure it was 64 degrees when you were driving home from the barn in your car with the heat all the way cranked up!!!!

    ps. i also heart it when ponies lie down
    pss. just checked the weather reports, and at 9pm it was in the low teens...about 13 or 14 degrees outside.....FREEZING!!!!!